Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week Two Update

Walk boldly on that road ahead, no matter where it takes you.
-First Lady Michelle Obama

I walked a few of this week's steps into the gymnasium of my college alma mater to hear the First Lady address Eastern Kentucky University's College of Business and Technology and College of Education graduates.

I was excited when I first heard Mrs. Obama had chosen to come to EKU to honor their outstanding commitment to veterans.  But when the day arrived to actually hear her speak, I was feeling a bit indifferent about the whole thing.  I was exhausted and wondered if the effort was worth the trouble.

On the hour-long drive to campus, I decided it was.  I began reflecting on how poignant it is that I, a poor little girl who grew up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, could graduate from college and then return to that college to hear an address from the wife of the leader of our country.  How even in this country founded on freedom and equality we would not have had the freedom or the equality to complete such a feat if this was Eastern Kentucky University's 1913 commencement.

That's beautiful progress.  Countless women took countless steps to make that possible.

I hope my steps will make progress toward freeing other little girls to achieve their dreams and goals.

142,044 steps across Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas with five people, two dogs and one sweet little neice who literally ran circles around me.  I'd be afraid to say how many steps she took.

I am still at five percent of my fundraising goal.

Six more weeks to go! Thanks, everyone, for your support so far.


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Why 10,146 steps? In honor of Girl 146 .