Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week One Update

We are the orphan boys and the forgotten girls.
We are lost and far from home.
We are the fatherless, born of dust and nothingness.
We are lost and far from home.

There is no love like yours in all the earth.
There is no love like yours in the universe.
There is no love that heals my broken heart.
There is no love like yours at all.

-Orphan's Song, Karla Adolphe, www.entertheworshipcircle.com

This song came on tonight as I was walking my steps for Tread on Trafficking and I couldn't help but think of the children I am walking for and the hope I have for them.

This first week has been challenging and rewarding.

I have walked 71,022 steps in five different states.  Five people and two dogs walked 29,514 steps with me. I am at five percent of my fundraising goal.

I also watched my husband walk across a stage to mark the completion of one of his goals: A college degree.  And it is my hope that our steps will help free enslaved children to take their own steps toward their own dreams.

Seven more weeks to go!  Thanks, everyone, for your support so far.


This fundraiser benefits www.love146.org.  You may donate at www.stayclassy.org/amyrosekarr .  If you can't donate, you can still 'like' and share my page on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about modern-day slavery here.

Why 10,146 steps?   In honor of Girl 146 .