Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Running for freedom...

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In college -- inspired by a Bible verse (1 Corinthians 9:24) -- I summed up my life's mission with four words: Run for the prize.

My mission is not so much a physical one.  I'm not a runner.  Not literally.

But I am fascinated -- intrigued -- by people who are. 

I have heard many of them say that they run for the people who can't.  Those who may not have the energy or ability to run.

When I learned of Love146's summer fundraiser -- Tread on Trafficking -- I immediately thought of my athletic friends who would be perfectly suited for such a challenge.  I began praying that one of them would pick up the cause.

As I delved deeper into the issue of human trafficking and slavery, and specifically the child sex trafficking travesty that Love146 is fighting against, I felt more and more convicted that I should be the one to run for these girls. 

Mainly because I can't fathom their bondage.  Because I know they would surely run and play free if they could.  Because I agree with the definition of success that includes the criterion of using my freedom to free others.

So, I have decided to participate in the fundraiser myself and to run in an effort to free these children.

Well... my version of running.  Walking.

10,146 steps a day.  In honor of Girl 146.  Starting today and every day until June 30.

And I'm asking for your help. 

First of all 10,146 steps a day is a lot, and I have at least four travel days scheduled in these next two months.  I'm not even sure how I'll do it.  So, encourage me and root for me however it is that you choose to encourage people.

If you see me, walk with me.  No, seriously.  Did I mention 10,146 steps is a lot?  No time for sitting.  I'd love to visit, but can we do it while we take a stroll?  Plus, I'd love to include you on this journey of taking physical steps toward ending child trafficking.  That would be beautiful.

Start your own Tread on Trafficking fundraiser if you'd like.

And finally, if you feel so moved and are able, please donate.  My personal goal is to raise $1,000.  But I also really enjoy blowing my goals out of the water.


Learn more about modern-day slavery here.