Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.
-Susan Sarandon, and others

Red River Gorge Zipline, Cliffview Development Resort
I've jumped off literal cliffs (tethered to a zipline). 
Why not a metaphorical one?

Welcome to my blog! 

I wish I could say I'm pumped you're here, like I read on all the other bloggers' welcome and about pages.  But honestly, I have mixed feelings. 

I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here.  I don't like opening up.  I don't like sharing.  I don't like taking stands.  I've decided to anyway.  

I'm not saying anything new here.  I'm not saying anything someone else isn't already saying.  In fact, every post will include words not my own.  I'm repeating them because they bear repeating.

My whole life I've watched the world around me as a spectator.  Trying hard not to cause waves.  Trying hard to keep harmony.  Trying hard to go as unnoticed as possible.  I quietly listen to the debates, hear the rhetoric and consider many of the competing worldviews held in our culture, country and planet.

Secretly, I pick a side and root for it.  Occasionally, feeling impassioned, I decide to speak out.  And always -- up until now -- I chicken out.  Maybe because loved ones would disagree or not understand.  Maybe because I don't feel smart enough.  Maybe because no one would listen.  It wouldn't make a difference.  And other people are already saying it anyway.

I'm nervous and still filled with maybes, but I've decided to speak out in spite of the uncertainties. 

Because even though someone else is already saying it louder and better, my meager whisper added to the noise might help someone hear the message.  It might help change the tide.  It might help make the world a better place.  It might help ease the burden of another. 

I'm choosing now to focus on those maybes.  And though my voice feels shaky, I will speak my truth.