Guercino [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsFaith makes me offer what I have.
- Young, impoverished African mother

I struggled with how -- or even if -- to share my Christian faith on this blog. 

There are plenty of people on the Internet telling people about Jesus, and I think any reader could easily access plenty of information about Him. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love Jesus and I'm happy to talk about Him, but sometimes He gets forced on people.  And I really don't like doing that.

But it also felt like something I couldn't completely ignore or hide, and it's pretty obvious I don't mind repeating what's already been said. 

So, my faith will be weaved throughout my writing in obvious and subtle ways.  With this disclaimer: If you don't know God or Jesus, or don't even think they are knowable...  Or, if you know one or both of them but don't really think one or both of them are that great, then I hope you will still at least check out other parts of my blog.  And I do hope you find something I write beneficial.

I have friends who agree with you.  And though we disagree, we enjoy mutually beneficial, mutually respectful relationships.  For even though we are sometimes motivated by different sources, we still share passion for the same causes.

For you, it might be intrinsic.  It might be a respect for the earth or nature.  It might be tradition or family or a great number of things.  I respect that.  But for me, it's Jesus.  He's the reason why I love.  He's the reason why I care.  He's the reason why I do every good thing I do.

He's behind my passion for justice and equality and mercy.  And I have to acknowledge that.

I have not reached the level of faith of my dear African sister, nearly a decade younger than I, whose biography so deeply impacted my life.  Who -- by American standards -- doesn't have much, but offers it all.  I offer only a small fraction of what I have.  But like her, I offer it because of my faith.

***To support women from Malawi and Burundi, get involved with World Relief's Stand Together project.