Friday, October 18, 2013

(in)Courage Writers Link-Up: Story

If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.
-Orson Welles

Ah, story.  I love me a good one. 

In my first Five Minute Friday post, I wrote on this same prompt.  And I stand by those words still.  I do love stories for the power they bestow to the writer.  To the weaver of words, either on paper or in air. 

I love being able to control my story even when I can't control my circumstances. 

Ironic that this week I've been too busy living out my story to have any time to write it.  I'm too caught up in how this latest plot twist will be resolved to take any time to share it.

But when I'm ready, it'll be there.  As it always has been.  My story.  Our collective stories.  Written each day in our thoughts, our actions, our words.  Continuing through our days.  Pages added, sometimes ripped out and revised. 

And when the reality of this week fades into memories and is laid on paper I can look back and find comfort, find hope, find reassurance, find strength for the unknown chapters ahead.  A gift of story.

In these moments of reflection I'm compelled to record the details.  The little shining pieces that outline the day, glimmering for only a few seconds if not captured.

The sauce from a hamburger escaping the bun and making a trail down a dress shirt.  The good-hearted belly laughs that followed. 

The feel of the autumn sun against a blue sky.  The crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

Breaths held while waiting for answers to prayers.  And then getting them.

A sympathetic word and look.  Someone to listen.

More grace than expected.  The lifting of burdens.

Not every week would be this storied.  And thank God for that.  But I've lived these crazy days knowing that -- unlike most -- these will forever be a part of my story.  Emblazened on my pages.  Defining moments of who I am. 

And when I am ready, story will give me the platform and power to share.

I do have a story I'm in the process of sharing.  My love story.  It's a work in progress over on my personal, personal blog.  You can start reading it here.  Usually only our parents and siblings (and not even all of them) are interested in all the details there, though.


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