Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Story

How we offer our words and inside bits and pieces of our lives.  Trusting that they will lay themselves down one plank at a time, to build a bridge for friendship and understanding to walk across.

-Lisa Jo Baker

I love stories for the power they bestow.  To the reader, yes.  But especially to the writer.

I cannot control many of the things that happen in my life.  But I can control the stories I tell.  I decide my words, my audience.  I choose everything about my stories.  What is important, what gets elevated.

Like the description of the blue of the sky.  And how it frames white, fluffy clouds.  The warm sun shining down.  Two birds communicating a message never to be deciphered by human ears.  And the sound of the soft breeze on the hilltop carrying a stray strand of hair gently back with it.  Flowers bloomed and spilling over.  Quintessential Kentucky spring afternoon perfection bringing a message of love from above.  Affirmation of hope.  A promise of beautiful, better things to come.


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