Friday, September 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Red

Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.
-EB White

Every word I commit to paper or screen for public consumption feels like an overwhelming act of faith these days.

Which may be why my first thoughts on the "Red" prompt quickly led to the temptation of just writing privately or differently or for more than five minutes.

I have always loved the color red.  As a child, I would have told you it was my favorite of all the colors.  I painted my dresser drawers red.  I commissioned a red blanket and red curtains from my mother, talented with creating things from cloth.  I surrounded myself with more red than most people thought prudent.  I just thought it was beautiful.

I still appreciate the color red.  Now, only more from a distance.  I made curtains myself this week for my kitchen.  In JoAnn's Fabric down on my knees, surveying bolts before me, of my narrowed-down selection I ultimately chose the fabric with the most red flowers. 

All these years.  Red.  Still bringing a sense of joy, happiness, reassurance.

That's five minutes.  I've decided to stop there.


Lisa Jo Baker invites bloggers to freewrite for five minutes each week on specific prompts. And then to share with the world what's on the page when the buzzer sounds. Learn more about this anxiety-inducing freewrite flashmob here.